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You can play Spider Solitaire either in single player or multi-player game modes. We have designed Spider Solitaire in a way that you can enjoy either playing versus computer without any obligations or stress. Or take a challenge and compete with other players. In Free Spider Solitaire card game you can even participate in tournaments playing versus 7 other players and take part in leagues of different kinds. When you are playing Spider Solitaire in multi-player game mode you compete with the opponent on time, the one who is faster gets the prize.

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Free Spider Solitaire Game Strategy

Playing Spider doesn't require many hours of preparation, it is meant to be simple and rather easy to play. However you should understand the rules in order to win, and this is especially important when it comes to multi-player games, when you compete towards the opponent.

The goal of Spider Solitaire is to order all of the cards in the table in piles in the descending order of the same suit. Once you have managed to combine all of the card runs, the game is completed and you won. You should combine each card run starting with the king through ace, keeping the same suit.

Free Spider Solitaire is played with 2 full decks of cards, total 104 cards. At the start of the game 54 cards are distributed between 10 piles, they are called tableau piles. First 4 piles have 6 cards in each and the other 6 piles have 5 cards each. The top card of each pile is turned face up, while all the other cards are lying faces down. The remaining 50 cards are located in the stock piles at the bottom of the screen.

During the game you can move facing-up cards between the tableaus piles, placing the ones of lower rank on top of the higher ones. You can place cards of different suit on each other, but the goal of the game to create runs of cards of the same suit. Thus the run of cards will be removed only if it is of the same suit, while full run of cards of different suit will not make any difference for you. Of course it can be useful to move cards to different suits to get them out of your way.

Only the cards of the same suit can be moved all together at once, meaning you can drag multiple cards stacked together in descending order onto other card of the higher rank. You cannot move multiple cards of different suit stacked in descending order, only the top card. If there is an empty space in tableau, you can move any card there.

When there are no more moves left in the tableau you can flip the stock, which will then draw 10 cards to the tableau on top of each pile. Thus using stock is the last option to do. Notice that in order to get stock cards, the entire tableau spaces should be filled at least with one card in each. If there is an empty space, you will be asked to move one or more cards before you click the stock.

Free Spider Solitaire Features

Free Spider Solitaire is the next generation smart and social Mobile Game which can be easily downloaded on any Android or iOS devices from Google Play or App Store. Free Spider Solitaire is develop using latest technologies and combines cutting-edge graphics, beautiful design. Spider Solitaire is extremely user friendly and has superior game logic, strongly outperforming other card games out here. Spider Solitaire, as mentioned earlier doesn't support third party ads providing players with interrupted gaming experience without hidden traffic.

The best thing about Free Spider Solitaire is that is very social. Here you can invite your friends from social networks like Facebook or Google+ and play together. You also can meet more than 20 million players from all over the world and become part of engaging friendly community. We have designed online-mode chat rooms, so you can interact with other players during the games.

In Free Spider Solitaire card game you can enjoy different game modes, starting from single-player mode and up to multi-player weekly league tournaments. You can participate in Spider Solitaire Card game tournaments, which are linked to 4 different leagues, including country and world leagues. In its turn every league includes more than 10 levels, where you can level up your experience and earn large prizes by competing with other players. You can also create your own league or play in your friends' league.

In Free Spider Solitaire Card game we hold weekly promo campaigns, which allow you to win super Big prizes, great bonuses and also practice your skills. There are also exciting mini-games you can try absolutely for FREE, including Slots, Wheel of Fortune, Win and Scratch.

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